Pomegranate Grading Sorting Lines

The pomegranate is not commonly considered a delicate fruit. However, it needs to be handled with care, for the area of the crown might otherwise get damaged. As a consequence, each step of the calibration must be carried out with the utmost carefulness, so as to avoid any damage to your fruits.

FUTURA takes care of the whole pomegranate grading process, so as to preserve the quality of your fruit. In order to guarantee a perfect individualization and, as a consequence, a more efficient production, we developed a specific trolley, pitch 152.

It is designed to fit the shape of these fruits, prevent the overloading of more than one pomegranate on the same trolley and maximize the line filling.

Sorting options for weight, size and colour

The sorting options for pomegranates are weight, size, colour and external quality. Depending on production capacity and type of packaging, your pomegranates can be graded and sorted using LOGIKA CENTRAL DISCHARGE or LOGIKA LATERAL DISCHARGE.

Weight / Diameter / Colour / External quality

Pomegranate sorting grading machine

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