Citrus Fruits Grading Sorting Lines

FUTURA takes care of the whole citrus fruit grading process, so as to preserve the quality of your fruit.

In order to guarantee a perfect singulation and, as a consequence, a more efficient production, we developed a range of specific trolleys for every type of citrus fruit. For example, the Pitch 76 is perfect for clementines, while the Pitch 95 for the bigger fruits. They are designed to prevent the overloading of more than one fruit on the same trolley and to maximize the line filling, but also to protect your fruits.

Moreover, our grading machines can not only sort the unripe citruses from the ripe ones according to their colour, but they can also detect the ones in which the proportion between pulp and rind is inadequate.

Sorting options for weight, size and colour

The sorting options for citrus fruits are weight, size, colour and external quality. Depending on production capacity and type of packaging, your citrus fruits can be graded and sorted using LOGIKA CENTRAL DISCHARGE or LOGIKA LATERAL DISCHARGE.

Weight / Diameter / Colour / External quality

citrus fruit sorting grading machine

Citrus Fruits Sorting, Grading, Packing and Processing Machines